Dear guests with pride and enthusiasm we present to you the website of Rubythroat Birding Tours. We started out offering birding tours to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 2007. In the mean time we have developed our company in becoming the leading bird tour operator for Central Asia and Russia. We are fully specialized on Central Asia and Siberia and offer the best all-inclusive tours throughout this magnificent region. Besides birding holidays we also offer botany, butterfly and photo tours all lead by expert guides!


LTD Rubythroat Birding Tours is registered in Kazakhstan as a licensed tour operator and we are the official ground operator for many worldwide known organizations such as Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Rockjumper Birding Tours and Wildside Nature Tours.


If you have any questions about our tours you are welcome to mail with Machiel Valkenburg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as he will answer you with pleasure! See you soon on one of our trips!


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Akbota and Machiel!


In 2016 Rubythroat is very happy to welcome Ed Michels to our already competent team of specialists. Ed is a professional photographer/ecologist who will lead all the photographical journeys which Rubythroat Birding will undertake from 2016.
Ed Michels in action

Ed Michels in action!

The first year he will lead up to 4 ventures for us taking you to Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. Ed is born and raised in the Netherlands and has traveled all over the world. His pictures are known for its strong atmosphere and colorful expressions. Ed has been teaching and training people for many years and his approach can be described as empathic, respectful and inviting to improve. During the travels Ed will give lectures on techniques and equipment. Workshops, while in the field, are designed to help our clients to improve their skills immediately. We are very happy that Ed has joined us and hope that you will enjoy him on one of our great journeys into the greatness of Central Asia and Siberia!




Rubythroat Birding Tours!

Saiga Antelope © Klaus Nigge

KAZAKHSTAN A photo journey; ‘land of the Saiga Antelope’

Kazakhstan is one of those destinations who seem very anonymous to most people who hear about the country for the very first time. Ever since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union a large network of National Reserve was set up to protect the endangered steppe ecosystems in the country. One of the larger projects is the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative which is a large scale program to protect the steppe ecosystems in northern Kazakhstan.

Caspian Plover © M. Valkenburg

KAZAKHSTAN Bird paradise of Central Asia!

Kazakhstan is located on the border between the western and eastern subdivisions. For a long time Kazakhstan is known for its large variety of rare Western Palearctic species. Everything is on a vast scale which is not surprising it being the ninth largest country in the world! Great expanses of flat steppe grasslands merge into sandy and stony deserts. Dotted here and there are saline and freshwater lakes which act like magnets to nesting and migrant birds.

Henderson's Ground Jay © M. Valkenburg

Russia & Mongolia From Altai Snowcocks to Henderson’s Ground Jays!

This exciting tour takes us to the one of the most exciting mountain ranges in Central Asia; the Altai Mountains! Siberia is endowed with some of the most fabulous treasures of the natural world, an immense part of Russia which covers no less than 59% of the entire Russian territory and an amazingly 23% of the entire Asian landmass. The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in east Central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and China come together.


KYRGYZSTAN Flowers of Central Asia!

Kyrgyzstan is located in the central part of Central Asia and represents one of the most interesting mountain areas of our planet, the Central Tien-Shan Mountains, located on the northern flanks of the Himalaya mountain range. Some of its mountains reach over 7000 meters (Pobeda 7439m) at the north-eastern edge of the country and belong to the highest of the world. During this trip we will make a tour around some of its most fantastic nature reserves coming across many dazzling plants and other wildlife.

Japan In search of cranes, eagles and endemics!

Japan is an island nation in East Asia comprising a stratovolcanic archipelago along the Pacific coast of Asia. The country exists out of 6.852 islands, with us visiting the 3 largest islands: Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido also sometimes called ‘the home islands’. For every birder a visit to the land of the rising sun is a ‘must do’ once in there lives, and this exploration takes in the very best of what Japan has to offer. Visiting Japan in winter offers so many wonders one of them is probably the greatest avian spectacle on earth; the dancing cranes in Arasaki, every year thousands of White-naped- and Hooded Cranes winter here occasionally joined by Common- and Sandhill Cranes.